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Increase the lamp brightness

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Increase the lamp brightness to enhance road safety

HID rainy season, poor results

HID gas discharge lamp is usually known as xenon lights. The advantage of high brightness, high color temperature, long life, low energy consumption; drawback is the high price, installation easy, forcibly converted Xenon Lantern Festival led to the original car with light does not meet national standards, while able to meet the original standard lamps lighting the price again unusually high. The main problem is the HID lamp color temperature is too high, resulting in light penetration in the rain and fog weather conditions even worse than ordinary lights, therefore, not recommended.

Enhance the power of undesirable

The easiest way to do credit to the power of nature is to increase the headlights, this approach, while less expensive, and construction of simple, but a limited effect and there are some hidden dangers. 50W of the headlights will be replaced by 100W, brightness, and not simply be doubled. On the contrary, due to power increase, causing a corresponding increase in the damage line, causing line fever, accelerated aging wires, lamp voltage will drop at both ends. To do most of the result: the brightness increased by only a little, but it will lead to traffic load increases, buried hidden dangers of accidents, and the shade and the lamp bowl there because of high temperature caused by deformation, discoloration risk.

Smart credit to good effect devices

Now available in the market there is a device called the Smart Car Headlight credit to the product. It uses the method of constant pressure for the vehicle headlamp separately a constant operating voltage, increase lighting intensity, and does not change with changes in engine speed does not change the original vehicle headlamps equipped with light, not to increase the load of the original car lines, safe and practical.

Smart Car Headlight credit to high-performance connectivity via built-in high-performance power components, power components from the car (12V car lines) the unstable power supply (10V-15V) for filtering, isolation, step-up, stable handling, for automobile headlamp separately the best work of a constant voltage (14.1V). This voltage is in line with international standards, the auto headlights work at this voltage, the maximum luminous efficiency, color temperature close to daylight, the human eye is not easy fatigue, while loss of headlights life less than 15%.

Smart Car Headlight credit to the many devices available for various models of rules connectors on the market common models can be easily modified. Work only: to find a suitable location of a good credit to a fixed device, then two lines to the battery pole, and then patch can be a good connector. Generally speaking, the regular market price of similar products at about 400 yuan -600 yuan, the factory should also be able to provide a period of time quality assurance.

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